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iEXL: Native AS400 and IBM i on Power Excel Spreadsheet Design

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IEXL is the main product site of iData Development Limited for it's IEXL product.

The iEXL product makes the generation of Excel spreadsheets from the AS400, iSeries system easy. IEXL 45 Day Trial | Download

The iEXL software comes with a FREE 45 day trial you can download.

The IEXL product has been designed to simplify the creation of Excel spreadsheets directly on the AS/400, ISERIES , I5 or IBM i on Power (Referred to as IBM i after).

There is no need for further PC packages or Database communications setup to use the IEXL product. The system uses Apache POI software to generate the spreadsheets which is supplied as part of this product.

At its most basic the product can be used to simply transfer a data file into a spreadsheet. If required, using its inbuilt functionality it can be used to set fonts, styles, headings, colours, etc to generate more professional looking spreadsheets. The software can be used be any person that can access data files.

If for example a user runs a Query on a weekly basis that generates an output file it may be of use to have this data transferred to Excel. This can be achieved by creating a schedule job that would read the Query file using the IEXL product.

IEXL User Manual | Generation of Excel Spreadsheets from the AS400 iSeries IMB SystemsOn the more complex side a user may receive an existing I5 report that may be of use as a spreadsheet but retaining the I5 report format.

This could be achieved by the IS department modifying the existing program that generates the report. As the report is generated, a work file is created with the same data as the report, placed in the associated spreadsheet column. Taking this approach means you do not have to create new programs but make a simple modification to an existing program.

The IEXL product can also be used to display the generated spreadsheet directly on your screen. You may want to modify a subfile program so the user can have the ability to load the data into Excel and have that displayed immediately.

However the option exists to simply transfer the data file to Excel and use its functionality to process the data. As long as the file exists on the I5 it could have been created by RPG, COBOL, JAVA, SQL, Query, etc it can be uploaded to Excel with the IEXL product.

iEXL can be used to simply transfer data from IBM i to create a spreadsheet. However, with little effort it will produce fully formatted Excel spreadsheets that will be ideal but both staff and your customers.

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IEXL Software

Excel spreadsheet generation on the AS400, iSeries and IBM power systems. Both .Xls and .Xlsx..

IEXL Features

The IEXL software enables you to design spreadsheets with:

All the above options can be specified at Cell, Row, Column, Sheet or Workbook level.

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