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iEXL: Native AS400 and IBM i on Power Excel Spreadsheet Design

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The latest version of the IEXL Software is version V5R1M1.iexl 45 Day Trial Download Button

Update Note: Latest update now available for download.

Latest version download last updated 14 October 2019.

This new update includes functionality, formula / functions, merge cells and sorting enhancements and other improvements and enhancements.

Excel Spreadsheet Generation in IBM machines

To download the 45 day trial of the latest version of the IEXL software click on the download button.

The 45 day trial gives you full access to try the software.

After 45 days a licence would need to be purchased to continue to use the software.

The download file is approximately 23 MB in size so will take a few minutes to download.

For the product manual see the manual pages for relevant links.

For installation instructions see the installation pages for relevant up to date links.

You do not need to be registered with us to trial our IXEL Software which is software for generating Excel spreadsheets from the IBM AS400, iSeries systems.

Details of some of the main features of the iEXL Sofware are listed to the right.

45 Day Trial of iEXL

The aim of the 45 day trial is to give you a chance to download, trial and evaluate the iEXL software to see what it can you for you.

If you have any questions about the iEXL software please get in touch with us via our support website iEXL Support.

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Installation Guide

User Manual

IEXL Features

The IEXL software enables you to design spreadsheets with:

All the above options can be specified at Cell, Row, Column, Sheet or Workbook level.