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iEXL: Native AS400 and IBM i on Power Excel Spreadsheet Design

User Manual

Users can download the full product manual which is a 98 pages plus full instruction manual. IXEL Manual | Cover Page

You can view and download the full 98 page IEXL user manual.

Updated 14 October 2019

The manual is about 20MB in size you you will need to allow a minute or so for it to open in your browser. You can then save the manual to your local machine if you wish.

View iEXL User Manual

(Version V5R1M1)

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Fully updated manual for Version.

See the installation pages for instructions for installing IEXL software.

The full user manual includes screen shots and detailed instructions for using the iEXL software.

iEXL Support

If you have any user queries or issues please use the dedicated iEXL support website so that we can track and resolve any questions, issues or other support questions.



IEXL Manual - Contents Page



iEXL Software extracts data from IBM to excel spreadsheet

Manual Section

Full 98 Page User Manual

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